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Wheel Alignment

The equipment we use is capable of measuring all angles liable to affect your vehicles wheel alignment. Unfortunately the story does not end there as we can soon determine if your vehicle is within manufactures specification. Apart from that there is still a considerable number of readings that are non adjustable. Failure to address the cause of these problems would significantly contribute towards you obtaining less miles from your next set of new tyres.

Our relationship with Snap On has proved to be tremendously successful with the introduction of the speciality products range of wheel alignment adjusters. This unique range of products enables us to now adjust previously non adjustable components and return your vehicles alignment readings back to within the manufactures specification. Result...no more premature tyre wear of tread disappearing on one edge of the tyre only. All at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred had it been necessary for us to replace expensive suspension components.

Provided we have the correct adjusters in stock, most front and rear wheel alignment problems can be solved in about 30 minutes, not much longer than the average tyre shop would take to adjust your tracking, which in most cases would not solve the original problem anyway.


Snap-on Equipment’s heritage began with a retired inventor named John Bean, and his founding of the John Bean Spray Pump in 1904.

John Bean was a pioneer in innovative technologies to meet the growing demands of the ever-growing automotive industry. During the early 1900’s John Bean’s state-of-the-art pressure pumps were often used as portable fire fighting pumps. The mounting of John Bean pumps on trucks led to the first fire trucks.

However, the added weight to the vehicle adversely affected the truck’s wheel alignment causing excessive tire wear. In 1925, John Bean engineers designed a dedicated mechanical alignment machine that could diagnose alignment problems and help to align the early John Bean fire trucks, and by 1932 this new alignment machine was being marketed broadly under the John Bean brand name.

John Bean engineers continued to innovate and in 1934 introduced the first dynamic wheel balancer. In 1947, the John Bean Visualiner became the first optically based alignment system in the world and quickly became the standard of the industry.

The Visualiner II in 1984 marked the first successful application of optical measuring heads with a CRT computer aligner. Our engineers were also the first to develop operator self-calibration for both wheel aligners and wheel balancers.

In 1987 the John Bean Signature Series model 9909 became the first alignment machine with built-in training systems for the operator. The company’s engineers continued to be at the forefront in developing and applying new technologies to the wheel service equipment industry.

The Snap-on innovative heritage continues to bring the world’s most valued productivity solutions to market, an example being the seven years of intensive research and development that resulted in the introduction of three-dimensional Imaging Alignment technology using digital cameras and high speed computing. This innovation has completely revolutionised Wheel Alignment service. Our Imaging Alignment technology allows today’s technician to obtain alignment readings in under 2 minutes! The tradition of being the first to apply new technologies to meet the needs of the automotive service industry is as alive today as it was in 1925 when John Bean introduced the world’s first wheel aligner.

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